Camera Wonderfulness

I only just discovered this website and it’s already got my heart on rapid-fire. Photojojo sells all kinds of wonderful camera-related things (except for the actual camera, lenses or studio equipment). It’s not cheap, a few items are currently sold out and they seem to stock a lot of gadgets for phone photography (which I grumpily don’t 100% approve of) but look at these lovely things:

Camera cookie-cutters

Creative Bokeh-kit (I tried and failed to make one of these once)

Lomokino 35mm Movie Camera

I have recently acquired a ring-flash adaptor, which is like a round periscope which attached to a normal flash gun, for more even portrait lighting. Will post some results when I’ve tried it out properly. Also, they send out a little toy dinosaur with all orders. What’s not to like?

The Leg Show

From the current collection - axe + tree-trunk + heart?

Tights are often judged as the plain older sister to pretty stockings. Whilst stockings have their connotations of sexiness, lingerie and a naughty flash of suspender, tights have stronger associations with school uniforms, thermal underwear and your grandmother. I don’t think anyone could judge these incredible tights from French brand Les Queues de Sardines as being old or boring.They feature bold, colourful and wonderfully odd prints. Sometimes cute, though more often than not rather bizarre and surreal. Prints include tentacles, giant eyes, body hair, creepy crawlies, disembodied arms and axes. They’re drawn in a thick-lined, bright style that’s reminiscent of pop-art and children’s paintings. In the UK they’re stocked in Tatty Devine.

Under the cut are a few favourites….

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The Undead & Gorgeous

Will vampires ever stop being sexy? With True Blood, Twilight and the Vampire Diaries still driving the masses into a frenzied bloodlust, it seems unlikely we’ll be seeing the back of the man-shaped mosquito anytime soon. Michael David Adams’ Hypnos photoshoot really caught my eye as something vibrant and new amidst the many copycats. Vampires are a staple of cheesy goth-photos, along with fake blood and caution tape, but this is something different; very high class and high fashion. A group of cool, cold unearthly men, dressed  in a fusion of slick black tailoring and urban street-wear, capture and bewitch a gilded and glamorous Rosa Korhonen. I love her pearl-embroidered bodysuit (from The Blonds) and shiny nude latex stockings. The shoot steers away from clichés of pointed-toothed creatures deflowering a pale, virginal girl, but maintains a stylish supernatural vibe and a sexuality that isn’t too overt. The feel is eerie and mysterious, rather than hintings of a sex assault. The effect is immediate and striking.

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