The Leg Show

From the current collection - axe + tree-trunk + heart?

Tights are often judged as the plain older sister to pretty stockings. Whilst stockings have their connotations of sexiness, lingerie and a naughty flash of suspender, tights have stronger associations with school uniforms, thermal underwear and your grandmother. I don’t think anyone could judge these incredible tights from French brand Les Queues de Sardines as being old or boring.They feature bold, colourful and wonderfully odd prints. Sometimes cute, though more often than not rather bizarre and surreal. Prints include tentacles, giant eyes, body hair, creepy crawlies, disembodied arms and axes. They’re drawn in a thick-lined, bright style that’s reminiscent of pop-art and children’s paintings. In the UK they’re stocked in Tatty Devine.

Under the cut are a few favourites….

I desperately wish these vein-print tights were still available!

rather Saint Sebastian style impaling arrow tights...

6 thoughts on “The Leg Show

      • I actually like the ones that were blue with the clouds..and the brown ones with a pattern..the question is what on earth to wear them with…All Im I thinking is a basic blue jean a mini.

  1. I make a point daily of wearing funked out tights but never anything like this. I should get my hands on a few pairs. I always think people don’t quite know how to deal strong tights when they would object to a dress in the same pattern (especially when said tights are worn with a very sensible work dress: it’s the punk/glam rocker coming out in me….). do you have a link for tatty devine? I so would wear them because I love to raise an eyebrown in a situation where everyone is too proper to do so.

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