Nange Magro’s EEG-activated dress

Inspired by modern technology and Sci-Fi and driven by a ‘passion for surrealism and obscure, alternative worlds’ , London-based designer Nange Magro created the ‘Mechapolypse‘. The futuristic ‘electronic couture creation includes a cap with an EEG chip, detecting the electrical activity of the wearer’s brain. The designer states that when the outfit changes depending on the level of concentration, which I presume means that levels of alpha waves (associated with relaxation) are being measured. Changes in activation lead to the dress’s spine lighting up and the skirt opening up, rather like an insect’s wings, to reveal a transparent latex skirt. With a bit of practice, the wearer should be able to control the dress (and perhaps avoiding revealing themselves at the wrong time!).

On her website Nange describes her fascination with the concept of garments that are ‘technological sculptures’, “Which move and are in synthesis with the person who is wearing them represents both her ideal future and passion. A garment should represent an extension of the body and brain, and not merely be a mask that aims to divide or mediate the connection between a person and the surrounding world. Clothing should be something more than skin. It should be something that we can choose to describe ourselves in our own personal way; controlling it, means a lot more than we usually think. Being conscious of our body and its surrounding environment is one of the most important issues today.”

So what’s next, underwear that disintegrates with high levels of arousal? A shirt that shocks you if you start nodding off at work? I love the Giger-esque spiked helmet and spine but I’m not sure how I feel about my dress opening and closing according to my brain-waves. I applaud the unusual hybrid of science and fashion but I think this style may just not be practical for everyday wear (and also rather open to abuse!).

The Undead & Gorgeous

Will vampires ever stop being sexy? With True Blood, Twilight and the Vampire Diaries still driving the masses into a frenzied bloodlust, it seems unlikely we’ll be seeing the back of the man-shaped mosquito anytime soon. Michael David Adams’ Hypnos photoshoot really caught my eye as something vibrant and new amidst the many copycats. Vampires are a staple of cheesy goth-photos, along with fake blood and caution tape, but this is something different; very high class and high fashion. A group of cool, cold unearthly men, dressed  in a fusion of slick black tailoring and urban street-wear, capture and bewitch a gilded and glamorous Rosa Korhonen. I love her pearl-embroidered bodysuit (from The Blonds) and shiny nude latex stockings. The shoot steers away from clichés of pointed-toothed creatures deflowering a pale, virginal girl, but maintains a stylish supernatural vibe and a sexuality that isn’t too overt. The feel is eerie and mysterious, rather than hintings of a sex assault. The effect is immediate and striking.

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