The Undead & Gorgeous

Will vampires ever stop being sexy? With True Blood, Twilight and the Vampire Diaries still driving the masses into a frenzied bloodlust, it seems unlikely we’ll be seeing the back of the man-shaped mosquito anytime soon. Michael David Adams’ Hypnos photoshoot really caught my eye as something vibrant and new amidst the many copycats. Vampires are a staple of cheesy goth-photos, along with fake blood and caution tape, but this is something different; very high class and high fashion. A group of cool, cold unearthly men, dressed  in a fusion of slick black tailoring and urban street-wear, capture and bewitch a gilded and glamorous Rosa Korhonen. I love her pearl-embroidered bodysuit (from The Blonds) and shiny nude latex stockings. The shoot steers away from clichés of pointed-toothed creatures deflowering a pale, virginal girl, but maintains a stylish supernatural vibe and a sexuality that isn’t too overt. The feel is eerie and mysterious, rather than hintings of a sex assault. The effect is immediate and striking.

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