Not dead

Just working on my thesis (or at least trying to). I have several half-formed posts in my head, they’ll emerge at some point in the future. 

Celebrations & Procrastinations

I’ve been neglecting my blog. Shame on me. I have so many scraps of paper with article ideas written on, and several drafts of pieces begun and lying unfinished.

What have I been doing instead?

1. Hitting the books. Sort of. I have fallen into deadline season. Except I fear that this season may stretch over the next couple of years. IT NEVER ENDS. Ahem. Science, science will be the death of me.

2. Leaving the house. It’s apparently something like summer and I have been ‘going places’ and ‘doing things’. Highlights recently included a wedding where the tables where named after different Pokemon (I got Charizard, hell yeah!) and sitting on the beach at the Southbank, having a drink with friends and watching fire-spinners perform, that was a wonderful London moment.

3. Writing things. Ok, I don’t do this nearly as often as I should, or would like to. I have a couple of new bits up on Stylenoir that I’ve had some nice feedback on. One’s on furry dead things, other’s on bisexuality and bi-phobia (a fleshing out of a topic I wrote about on here). I did a piece on knickers (etc) a little while ago too. On that topic, it’s Stylenoir’s third birthday! I’ve been writing with the team since February so I’m still relatively new, but I’m enjoying being a part of it all. Tomorrow we’re throwing a rather spectacular birthday party, which if you’re in London, you should come see!

Oh, and I’m about 50 hits of 10,000 views! Which I think is pretty awesome (especially given my failure to update regularly), so thanks to everyone for coming and looking at what I have to say!


I have recently fallen off the world and as such I am very behind on updating. I have a piece of paper with a long list of topics which I wish to post on, coming soon when I manage to return to earth. Life maintenance is in order, a normal service shall resume shortly.

In the meantime, here is a picture of a cat dressed as a pilot. Enjoy.Image


I’ve had a really fantastic response to some recent pieces, so I’m extending a big thanks to everyone who reads, comments on and shares links to my blog. It really does warm my little heart.

Had some annual leave to use up, so I’ve now got 3 glorious days off ahead of me. Unfortunately post-grad pressures mean I shall have to spend a chunk of this time working, but I also intend to spend some time taking and editing photos, catching up with friends and sleep and writing. I have a bunch of ideas for new articles and features but if there’s anything you’d like to see me post more of, please let me know! I haven’t got a definite focus for my writing, though it mostly comes down to science/mental health and culture. Some of what I’ve written recently has been a bit heavy going, so I feel the need to follow it with frivolous entries about pretty dresses! I’d like to write up a bit more science-related content, although those always take me longer as I feel I should reference them properly (!).

I’m also going to be getting a snazzy layout shortly. I have appointed my trusted web-designer to the task, and we’ll be coming up with something special. Fonts are important to me, I intend to spend some time picking out the right one.

Watch this space….