Holding your hand (and other found delights)

I end up spending a lot of time trawling the internet, stumbling upon various oddities.

I thought I’d share these wonderful rings made by design studio Patrick Laing. Aimed as wedding or eternity pieces, the rings are made from moulds of the couple’s fingers, so the inside of the ring has the fingerprint impression wrapped around it. You can buy a casting set or go in to the studio, then the rings are crafted from a range of precious metals. I love that these rings really will be as unique as a fingerprint, and the idea that you’d be holding your partner’s hand in wearing it. It has an unusual sort or romance to it.

You and Me rings


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The most amazing pancakes you’ll ever see

Would you just look at these! Nathan Shields is a Washington-based Maths teacher. He also makes some pretty badass pancakes. You can see more of them on his blog. Obviously I am drawn to the anatomical ones, but I also have a bit of a soft-spot for these marine invertebrate goodies. Inspired.