Dystopian literature on your chest – The Affair T-shirts

In a wonderful melting-pot of several of my favourite things, London-based company The Affair produce amazing t-shirts with prints inspired by cult literature. They veer towards the dark and dystopian of novels, including Poe’s The Raven, 1984, Slaughterhouse 5 and Camus’ The Outsider. The designs are so intricate and clever, if I saw someone wearing one of these I know I’d want to go over and speak to them. Reading is, after all, sexy. They mostly cater for men but have introduced a few female sizes, I hope they bring out more! There are short runs of each design and they sell out quickly, so book-worms be quick.

My absolute favourite, this design is inspired by Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita and features the infamous talking cat, Behemoth. The Affair say ‘Now you can wear that gun-toting, chess-playing, vodka-sipping fire-starter whenever you feel like kicking off a bit of mischief.‘ I’m inclined to agree.

Brave New World’s magical drug, Soma.

A lovely bit of typography on this Clockwork Orange design.

See more here on their website. It excites me that such a company exists, shall be placing an order soon!