Photoinspiration: Hannes Caspar – Hard and Soft

I love portraits and Berlin-based photographer Hannes Caspar takes some fantastic ones. They’re gentle, yet striking. Fierce and vulnerable. He captures piercing eyes and personalities, beautiful and human. His tones are often muted, but they don’t lack impact. Also, freckles in portraits are absolutely stunning.

Nudes below cut

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Camera Wonderfulness

I only just discovered this website and it’s already got my heart on rapid-fire. Photojojo sells all kinds of wonderful camera-related things (except for the actual camera, lenses or studio equipment). It’s not cheap, a few items are currently sold out and they seem to stock a lot of gadgets for phone photography (which I grumpily don’t 100% approve of) but look at these lovely things:

Camera cookie-cutters

Creative Bokeh-kit (I tried and failed to make one of these once)

Lomokino 35mm Movie Camera

I have recently acquired a ring-flash adaptor, which is like a round periscope which attached to a normal flash gun, for more even portrait lighting. Will post some results when I’ve tried it out properly. Also, they send out a little toy dinosaur with all orders. What’s not to like?

Ultra-photo-inspiration: VisioLuxus

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I spend a lot of my time looking at photographs. Probably far too much of my time, time I really ought to be working! I spend a lot of time browsing sites like Flickr and Tumblr for eye-candy and inspiration. Seeing so many beautiful things, so much talent, sometimes a good photo doesn’t make as much of an impact when you see it alongside so many other equal or better images. Today I saw some photography that I truly thought was fantastic. I eyes have popped. 

The photographer in question is VisioLuxus. The first images I saw were a series of shots of milky white body parts adorned with inky tentacles. Now, sticking some kind of squid-type creature on a naked lady has quickly become a massive ‘alt’ photography cliche. I’ve seen loads of them. Tenatcles dripping over boobs. A poor departed sea-creature given the last indignity of having to cover someone’s lady-garden. So it’s an idea that’s been done and done and done to death. So I wasn’t expecting to see a photo of this same idea that felt so new and arresting.

More details and photos behind the cut. Most involve nudity and I’m trying to keep this site somewhere close to safe-fer-work!

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Film Inspiration

Shooting with film seems to be a dying art now that digital cameras are so widely avaialble, which seems a shame. Ok, you can’t take the same photo 5 times and delete the duds, but there’s something really exciting about waiting to get the prints, to see how they worked out. And you spend a lot more time making sure you’ve set your shot up when you know you can only take a limited number. I think using a film camera has helped me to better understand how cameras work and be a better photographer. I thought I’d share with you a photographer I discovered recently.

Tamara Lichtenstein is a 20 year old Texas-based photographer that I recently discovered and absolutely love. Obnoxiously young and talented, her pictures and filled with the energy of the young subjects she photographs. They’re natural, sensual and full of life. Tamara shoots predominantly film, of her friends rather than models. Her friends just happen to be very good looking. Seeing her work made me think about what can be achieved using the old-fashioned way. Knowing that these photos are taken on film kind of makes them seem even more special, they’re beautiful, fleeting moments of someone’s life captured for a second.


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