Electric Enchantment: Elizaveta Porodina Photography

Every time I resolve to post more, I find myself falling into a hole of work and life-stress and blogging plans seem to fall by the wayside… So it’s Sunday  it’s cold and if you’re feeling a bit worn out, here’s something beautiful and inspiring.

Elizaveta Porodina is a 24 year old Russian photographer, currently based in Munich. She shoots fine art fashion with a surreal technicolour quality to it that’s both bold and dream-like. The photos have amazing styling, often including over-sized and dramatic outfits. There’s something delicate and graceful about her images, where models are often be-decked with flowing fabric, sheer layers and roses. It’s incredibly beautiful and creative, the kind of thing I could look at all day.

Apparently she’s also a clinical psychologist. I wonder how she manages to fit her photography around that? (I am envious and intrigued  may email her to ask!). Though looking at these images, I wonder if she feels inspired by ideas about fantasy and unconscious desires?

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Worlds in the Mist: Kim Høltermand

It’s a beautiful foggy day in London today. I love the atmosphere it gives, serene, slightly mystical; the city dissolving into smoke. It reminds me of the work of one of my favourite photographers who I’m introducing here today, Kim Høltermand. Usually my interests in photography centre on images of people, without much deviation. Høltermand is a Danish photographer who’s subject is buildings and landscapes. Yet somehow he captures them in a way that makes these structures enthralling.

His use of composition, often with a lot of open space, draws attention to details of the buildings and gives a sense of wandering in a ghost-town, stumbling upon relics that have lain untouched for an age. The sharp, geometric patterns made by the lines of the buildings seem to create a strange, futuristic world, standing in the present day. He often uses muted tones that add to this eerie feel, almost like a city submerged under water.

In his 2011 series ‘Deserted City’, he seems to be exploring a dystopian landscape, perhaps after all the inhabitants have been killed off or gone into hiding. But these are real buildings that stand today, perhaps captured at a twilight hour, growing out of the mist.

Interestingly, by day Høltermand works as a fingerprints-expert for the Danish Police Force. What a fascinating guy!

Eyecandy – Zhang Jingna X Mother of London

Time for something pretty! If money were no object, I’d have my entire wardrobe made by Mildred Von Hildegard, the designer of the enigmatic Mother of London. It’s all slick, asymmetrical leather with buckles, straps, studs and puffed sleeves and shoulder-pads a-plenty. Glamorous couture for a post-apocalyptic era. LA-based photographer Zhang Jingna (also known online as Zemotion) is a fierce young talent in fashion photography and for me, this collaboration is pretty close to perfection. Ethereal, ghostly and graceful, the model seems like a dark queen of the ocean. The location gives a feel of a kind of watery wasteland and the images are filled with contrast, milky whites and inky, tarry blacks. Delicious. I’ll no doubt be featuring more work from both of these fantastic creatives.

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Photoinspiration: Hannes Caspar – Hard and Soft

I love portraits and Berlin-based photographer Hannes Caspar takes some fantastic ones. They’re gentle, yet striking. Fierce and vulnerable. He captures piercing eyes and personalities, beautiful and human. His tones are often muted, but they don’t lack impact. Also, freckles in portraits are absolutely stunning.

Nudes below cut

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Ultra-photo-inspiration: VisioLuxus

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I spend a lot of my time looking at photographs. Probably far too much of my time, time I really ought to be working! I spend a lot of time browsing sites like Flickr and Tumblr for eye-candy and inspiration. Seeing so many beautiful things, so much talent, sometimes a good photo doesn’t make as much of an impact when you see it alongside so many other equal or better images. Today I saw some photography that I truly thought was fantastic. I eyes have popped. 

The photographer in question is VisioLuxus. The first images I saw were a series of shots of milky white body parts adorned with inky tentacles. Now, sticking some kind of squid-type creature on a naked lady has quickly become a massive ‘alt’ photography cliche. I’ve seen loads of them. Tenatcles dripping over boobs. A poor departed sea-creature given the last indignity of having to cover someone’s lady-garden. So it’s an idea that’s been done and done and done to death. So I wasn’t expecting to see a photo of this same idea that felt so new and arresting.

More details and photos behind the cut. Most involve nudity and I’m trying to keep this site somewhere close to safe-fer-work!

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