Mysteries of the abandoned brain lab

I already posted a link to this on twitter but I felt it warranted a little more attention. I don’t think I’m mentioned this before but I am an enthusiastic (though quite inexperienced) urbex-er. Urbex is short for ‘urban exploration’ and usually refers  to going and exploring derelict locations. As someone with a passion for mental health and medical paraphernalia, I particularly enjoy seeing old hospitals. In the UK, following the outcry at the exposed behaviour going on in the old asylums, many of them were quickly closed. Often the buildings still stand, boarded up from the public, holding strange pieces of memories of what they used to be. They stand as a monument of where medicine and psychiatry has come from. The crumbling walls, peeling pain and left-behind objects tell a silent story.

The below photos are of a Moscow brain laboratory, seemingly left in a hurry and abandoned since. Aged specimens lie out on the side, waiting to be inspected, amongst discarded coffee cups and magazines. You can only wonder what the story is here.

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