Young and Naked: Vee Speers’ Party Guests

I caught sight of Vee Speers‘ photographs in an article recently in the Metro, where residents living near her Chelsea gallery show had kicked up a fuss about her work being ‘distasteful’ and ‘semi-pornographic’. No doubt the complaints have generated more publicity for the exhibition and the artist than they have deterred visitors. The exhibition, entitled ‘The Birthday Party’ features children dressed up as if to attend a party in a range of quirky and curious outfits. The pictures have an almost-painted quality, they’re pale and slightly eerie, staring doe-eyed, reminding me of the work of Erwin Olaf and digital artist Ray Caesar. The photographs are of Veers’ own daughter and her friends, though she has put together the outfits for the photographs. Some of the shots do involve nudity; a girl clutches dolls to her bare chest, a boy poses with in his underwear with boxing gloves, a girl wears a Minnie mouse-style outfit un-buttoned at the chest. Admittedly these poses might be more provocative for an adult, but I don’t think they’re presented in a sexualised way. Even the shots in which the children dress in more ‘adult’ outfits, the image seems more like ‘playing dress-up as grown-ups’ rather than imitating maturity.

Nudity in itself need not be something sexual or offensive, and in childhood it can be very innocent and playful. Often family photos of children when they’re young will involve some nudity, perhaps playing on the beach or in the garden. Sometimes kids don’t want to wear clothes! Young children don’t tend to feel embarrassed or ashamed of their naked bodies, they haven’t yet learnt to treat it as such. Where does the concern come from over these images? Is it that they might encourage others to view children in a sexual way, or that those who have an attraction to children might find them arousing? Unfortunately we can’t choose what other people get turned on by, one man’s porn is another’s M&S lingerie catalogue. Personally I find these photos rather fascinating, they seem to create a rather bizarre and perfect world ruled by children, with its own rites and customs, that we are not invited to. Sometimes children wear less clothing, but it’s for themselves, it’s their own, not for others. The photos are beautifully composed, simple yet exquisite. The combination of something soft and natural and something more fantastical. We’re all naked underneath and maybe there’s nothing inherently offensive or erotic about a nude body out of any associated context. Maybe we need to decouple the body and nudity from sexuality, which though often intertwined, can exist separately.


Hello Beautiful! – Elin Kristin Lundgren Footwear

Would you look at these ridiculously amazing things? London College of Fashion graduate Elin Kristin Lundgren has created the Octopus boot, in beautiful frosted mother-of-pearl colours, glinting like an aquatic disco-ball. There’s so much attention to detail here, the detail on the heel, the buckled straps, the bubble-like cut-outs. Can you see the transparent platform with minature roses inside? This is something created with passion and perfectionism. There’s scant information about on the creator, but I expect we’ll be seeing great things from her very soon.

Ultra-photo-inspiration: VisioLuxus

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I spend a lot of my time looking at photographs. Probably far too much of my time, time I really ought to be working! I spend a lot of time browsing sites like Flickr and Tumblr for eye-candy and inspiration. Seeing so many beautiful things, so much talent, sometimes a good photo doesn’t make as much of an impact when you see it alongside so many other equal or better images. Today I saw some photography that I truly thought was fantastic. I eyes have popped. 

The photographer in question is VisioLuxus. The first images I saw were a series of shots of milky white body parts adorned with inky tentacles. Now, sticking some kind of squid-type creature on a naked lady has quickly become a massive ‘alt’ photography cliche. I’ve seen loads of them. Tenatcles dripping over boobs. A poor departed sea-creature given the last indignity of having to cover someone’s lady-garden. So it’s an idea that’s been done and done and done to death. So I wasn’t expecting to see a photo of this same idea that felt so new and arresting.

More details and photos behind the cut. Most involve nudity and I’m trying to keep this site somewhere close to safe-fer-work!

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