Gifts for Brain Enthusiasts: Part 3

My last post was quite heavy-going and I’m in the midst of writing something more political so I thought it might need breaking up with something more whimsical! In case you’ve forgotten, here’s part 1 and part 2

Find 1:Think Geek is a treasure trove for brain and other anatomy-themed items. These coasters are made up of slices through the brain and look incredible, I’ll certainly be ordering some when they re-stock! Postage and customs (it’s a US site) can be high so worth saving for a bulk order with others.


My lovely friend Bobbu picked me up the brain candle and ice cube tray previously, which I love. Apparently the tray is good for making brain-shaped chocolates and jellies to decorate cakes with.








Find 2: brain fascinator! I picked this up at a comics convention, I wish I could remember who the seller was. They had a whole range of different colours.


This isn’t something I imagine I’ll get a lot of wear out of, but I think it’s rather wonderful.

Find 3: Brain-print lycra!

When BlackMilk annouced this outfit as part of their 2014 halloween collection I was torn about whether to buy it. One one hand I dislike the “zombification” of brain imagery and the idea that a brain is “scary”. On the otherhand it’s leggings covered in cerebral cortex, how great is that? I have a fake pair of the leggings that I wear for yoga.


On Katy Perry

On Katy Perry

I often wonder if people who have had brain injuries would find my collection of brain-related memorabilia in poor taste. Obviously I wouldn’t wear them to work! I mean no disrespect, my attraction to brain items (and indeed all anatomical items) is probably a facet of my fascination and awe with the human body and particularly the brain, it’s a kind of fandom for me!

Watch this space for more brain-related shopping

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