Summer update & lack of posts

Well, hello! It seems I haven’t written a post in absolutely ages. I have many ideas brewing, but thought I would post a quick update in the meantime.

My time has been quite occupied recently with moving house. I’m now all unpacked, put my prints up on the walls and have settled in. Amongst the luxuries of the new place are a table to eat at, and a desk that isn’t in the same room as the bedroom. It’s pretty lovely and has a small garden that’s just big enough for a BBQ. This afternoon I saw a kitten roaming around in it, I hope he returns.

After much dilly-dallying, I have made a website for my photography. It’s pretty simple, an online portfolio of some of my work to date. I’m quite pleased with it, and it’s motivated me to do some more and add more content. You can check it out here.

What else have I been doing? Mostly quiet, sedentary pursuits. Playing Skyrim (goodbye, academic career…) curling up on the sofa to watch Game of Thrones, that type of thing. I’ve been watching Sky’s Hannibal series, which is pretty good despite presenting a rather unlikely and unboundaried relationship between a psychiatrist and client (ok he’s a killer so maybe it’s the least of the concerns, but that kind of thing really annoys me!). I just finished reading sex-blogger Girl On The Net’s memoir, which is funny, insightful and really rather rude. It certainly brightened up my commute.

Taking on a colleague as a therapy client - generally an awful idea

Hannibal: Taking on a colleague as a therapy client – generally an awful idea

I’m on a learning disability placement and I’ve been helping facilitate a sex-ed group (must post about this soon, very interesting). I’m also learning to do narrative therapy and discourse analysis, so I am pretty much de-constructing everything all the time. It’s a little tiring. I just read Valerie Sinason’s ‘Mental Handicap and the Human Condition’, which is a really brilliant book on psychodynamic perspectives on intellectual disability, full of really interesting case-studies and thoughts. I’ve been engaging in debate and generally grumbling about the new DSM. But that’s nothing especially new.

I’m currently writing a piece for my university’s blog on psychologists working with transgender clients and embracing gender diversity, and a couple of guest posts for other blogs. I have a holiday planned in a few weeks and I look forward to some time to catch up on sleep, lie on a lounger and read and type on my laptop. So there will be more content very very soon… So that is me for now. Blog posts shall follow, sharpish.

3 thoughts on “Summer update & lack of posts

  1. ooh, the clinical supervisor for the agency I work at is an expert in narrative therapy, and he works extensively with transgender folks. very interesting indeed.

    • that is interesting! I would have thought it’s hard to work extensively with the transgender community unless you’re in a specialist service given they’re such a minority group, but then it may work differently outside of the UK

      • He is actually a part of a nonprofit counseling agency that serves everyone, but specializes in trans folks. It’s pretty awesome.

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