Favourite blogs: Mental Health

Something I’ve been meaning to add to my site is a list of the other blogs I read regularly, so I can recommend them. Until I do the re-design, I thought I’d start sharing a few of my favourites.

Here are a few relating to mental health, some written by professionals, some by individuals experiencing mental health difficulties.

  • http://purplepersuasion.wordpress.com/ Also known as BipolarBlogger, Charlotte is a regular writer and voice in the service-user community. She writes candidly about her experiences and the struggles she has experienced with leaving work and accepting how her condition can disable her. I’ve learnt a lot about bipolar from her blog!
  • http://landslidegirl.blogspot.com A bit of a kindred spirit, LSG writes about her struggles with mental health problems and recovery, whilst she pursues a career in psychology. Her writing is at times painful but powerful.
  • http://giantfossilizedarmadillo.com A busy lady, Katie is a trainee counsellor and eating disorders campaigner and advocate, whilst also continuing her own journey with recovery. Often touching and very funny, I love her outlook on life and how she is drawing on her own experiences in her training.
  • http://katcormack.wordpress.com/ Kat works as an advocate and training facilitator for child and adolescent mental health charity Young Minds as well as being involved with other MH-related groups. She blogs about her work and projects she is involved in, and has also spoken about her own experiences of mental health problems.
  • http://psychobabblepants.wordpress.com Lyssa is a marriage and family therapist working with victims of abuse. She writes about therapy, and films, and her cat, and all sorts of things. Her blog makes me laugh pretty much continually.

Those are the ones that come to mind at the moment, I’m sure I’ll think of more! Any suggestions of other blogs relating to mental health (either experiences or working in the field) much appreciated.

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