Blog Birthday

WordPress recently informed me that my blog is a whole year old! My, time goes fast. One of my resolutions last year was to get back into writing, and to do so I decided to set up this blog.

Fast-forward a year and I think it was one of the few resolutions I’ve actually managed to keep. Though I’ve been quite haphazard in how regularly I blog (ranging from several times a week to once to twice a month), I posted 85 times and clocked up 21,000 hits, which I don’t think is all that bad!

Just to make this entry more exciting, here’s a hilariously inappropriate children’s valentine from the 50s.

Given the variety of topics I post about, I tend to get readers from a variety of camps, with a bit of a split between fashion and mental health. I’ve definitely noticed some patterns in which entries get the most attention:

  • Posts that are almost entirely picture-based get a lot of likes. People have short attention spans and like shiny pictures. 
  • Posts where I write about my personal experiences, especially relating to mental health, seemed to generate the most responses from others. I was really touched by some of the personal comments people wrote.
  • Everyone likes posts about sex.
  • The more often I blog, the more often people read it and come back for me.
  • Everyone likes pictures of cats.

With this in mind, I think this year I will focus on more frequent, shorter entries. I do have a tendency to churn out massive stream-of-consciousness essays but I think smaller pieces are more digestible. I’m still thinking about how best to use my personal experiences and will be thinking about topics to include, though I don’t want the blog to become more of a ‘dear diary…’ type account of my life.

In the last year I really enjoyed being involved in writing for an online magazine and I’m hoping (time allowing) that this year I can do some more writing for other places, be it guest posts on others’ blogs or some more magazine articles. My university has asked if I’ll write something for their applied psychology blog, so I’m looking forward to writing something in a slightly more formal style too. Any tips or suggestions on places I could write appreciated!

Also I have hopes of sprucing the blog up a bit, giving it a layout makeover and making the whole thing a bit prettier and easier to navigate.

Thanks to everyone who has read and supported my blog in the last year! It really means a lot to me knowing that people enjoy reading what I write.

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