Closet Skeletons – Halloween Inspiration

Photo by Pauline Darley. 

It’s less than a month until the dress-up event of the year (Purim excluded), it’s the Goth Xmas, it’s Halloween! And I have already begun scheming about outfits Some of the best/funniest costumes I see each year are based on recent cultural references (who’s going as one of the Avengers, Effie Trinket or Christian Grey this time?) or an extremely poor taste zombie version of a recently dead celebrity. Or this could be a chance to, Mean Girls-style, wear your most revealing costume under the guise of fancy-dress (teenage sex-worker seems to be a popular choice year on year). What are you planning on wearing? (What do you mean you’d not thought about it yet?!)

Personally, I think I’ll be going for something a bit more elegant. At the moment I’m drawing on my love of things anatomical and considering going for something with a skeletal-theme (though not day-of-the-dead sugar skulls, they’ve been done rather to…death).

 I’ve completely fallen in love with this embroidered body-suit from Marchesa. The detail is beautiful and I like how the sheer fabric shows off the body, whilst juxtaposing the bones on the outside, a gilded exo-skeleton. I’d like to wear this under a low cut dress, so the golden ribs would show across the chest (or wear it on it’s own to a rather wilder party!). Kirsten Stewart wore a dress from this collection to the Snow White and the Huntsman premier.

Other beautiful examples of the skeleton in fashion are this amazing leather harness from Zana Bayne (this too would look good over or under something more floaty and feminine. NSFW image here. I’m particularly taken with the detachable arms (complete with ulna and radius) and finger-harnesses.

Australian designers Black Milk, known for there print-lycra, have a few anatomical pieces, including skeleton leggings and body-suits. They’re always posting photos of cute girls in their outfits, no doubt Halloween will be a time for lots of shots of this outfit!


Stolen Girlfriends Club A/W 12, not as accurate but a nice grungey take on the theme. This would look good with big black boots.

THE Gaultier skeleton corset, as worn by Ms Von Teese. the ultimate example of the skeleton-chic. I love how all these designers have tried to stay quite close to the skeleton design, but also adapted it into something very wearable. I love the sparkly pelvis.


Admittedly I won’t be wearing any of these outfits myself, but an outfit idea is forming in my head that takes some tips from these. I’m going to need some sheer, mesh material, some pain and a hell of a lot of glitter…

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