White Ink Tattoos

White ink is often used to add highlights and fill in more traditional black and colour tattoos, but a minority of enthusiasts choose to have their tattoo inked entirely pale. It takes a skilled tattoo artist to pull this off, as many artists trace a pattern onto the skin in pen before beginning. When using white ink there is a danger that the pen will tinge the ink, so artists often need to work free-hand. It’s also not all that easy to see what you’re doing. It’s difficult to predict how a white-ink tattoo will look after healing and this will depend a lot on the individual’s skin tone. They may fade against the skin and need going over, and many begin to look like scars. They can also be very subtle, only observable on close inspection, which may suit shyer individuals or areas of the body that will be very visible. Sometimes they appear to glow against the skin, and white swirls, outlines and patterns can make an attractive background for other tattoos. Some of the most effective white ink I’ve seen have been lacy, filigree-like designs where the colour gives a delicate appearance.

I’m rather tempted….

(Images found on Tumblr, credit unfortunately unknown)

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