You know what I do

I’m a child of a very short attention span and pictures with silly captions make me laugh. Pictures with insightful, witty captions make me laugh even more. Recently I’ve been enjoying the ‘what I really do’ meme, seeing various friends of different professions posting them to facebook. If you haven’t seen it, it looks rather like this:

So I decided to make one of my own…

I’m fully aware that the above mostly refers to clinical psychologists, rather than the other non-therapy based professions, but people have a hard enough time understanding what I do without me adding even more complications. And yes, that is Dr Melfi from the Sopranos. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “You know what I do

    • The above probably applies for anyone who works as a therapist/counsellor/similar! I did have a picture of Freud with his couch, but it didn’t fit in the box. I’ve only ever met one therapist who actually had a couch, it seemed awfully old-fashioned and clichéd!

      • Have you been to the Freud museum in London and seen the original couch? I am not a fan of the man, but it was interesting from a historical perspective, and the gift shop made me giggle by selling Freudian Slippers…

      • I’ve not, but I think I would like to! Day out! I wouldn’t say Freud and I are exactly friends, but we’ve been getting on a bit better recently. I read some of his original writings, they’re not as ridiculous as a lot of people put them out to be.

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