Ultra-photo-inspiration: VisioLuxus

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I spend a lot of my time looking at photographs. Probably far too much of my time, time I really ought to be working! I spend a lot of time browsing sites like Flickr and Tumblr for eye-candy and inspiration. Seeing so many beautiful things, so much talent, sometimes a good photo doesn’t make as much of an impact when you see it alongside so many other equal or better images. Today I saw some photography that I truly thought was fantastic. I eyes have popped. 

The photographer in question is VisioLuxus. The first images I saw were a series of shots of milky white body parts adorned with inky tentacles. Now, sticking some kind of squid-type creature on a naked lady has quickly become a massive ‘alt’ photography cliche. I’ve seen loads of them. Tenatcles dripping over boobs. A poor departed sea-creature given the last indignity of having to cover someone’s lady-garden. So it’s an idea that’s been done and done and done to death. So I wasn’t expecting to see a photo of this same idea that felt so new and arresting.

More details and photos behind the cut. Most involve nudity and I’m trying to keep this site somewhere close to safe-fer-work!

I’m a big fan of photos that work together as a series, and these images look both beautiful alone, and have even more impact as a set. The tentacles are coiled and curled as a decoration on the skin, accentuating lines and curves of the human body. I get the feeling that a lot of time was taken getting the tentacles arranged just-so. The images are close-ups of body parts, anonymous, focusing the eye on the anatomy and texture of the figure., Smooth, matte skin against the moisture and fluidity of the octopus. The image is simple and stark, it’s at once strange and sensual.

After seeing this I browsed through the photographer’s other work, which is really stunning. Much of their work involves solitary nude figures combined with what are quite simple props. Large pieces of material are wound around the head to give a masked image, ethereal and fetishistic. Paint, dirt and milk adorn body parts. Faces are often at least partially concealed in a kind of anti-portraiture; the models seem anonymous, part of the art, rather than characters. They bend and contort into fantastic shapes that seem more like sculpture than fine art nude. Her images have been included in volumes on erotic and fetish photography, but to me they’re kind of sexless and alien.

I feel both wowed and inspired by such intense creativity created in such stark simplicity. You don’t need an amazing location, stylist, make-up artist and prop-designer to bring together an effective idea. On one photo the photographer comments that the grainy texture is caused by placing a plastic sandwich bag over the camera. I might just give that a try!

It’s probably time for me to stop waxing over this, it’s probably looking a bit sycophantic now.


Whole series Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife

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2 thoughts on “Ultra-photo-inspiration: VisioLuxus

  1. Thank you so much for posting this, it’s always healthy to get a perspective on my work through someone else’s eyes. I am actually starting to schedule shoots again with a focus on simplicity of concept. I appreciate the role you played in getting me started up again! Thank you!

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