Film Inspiration

Shooting with film seems to be a dying art now that digital cameras are so widely avaialble, which seems a shame. Ok, you can’t take the same photo 5 times and delete the duds, but there’s something really exciting about waiting to get the prints, to see how they worked out. And you spend a lot more time making sure you’ve set your shot up when you know you can only take a limited number. I think using a film camera has helped me to better understand how cameras work and be a better photographer. I thought I’d share with you a photographer I discovered recently.

Tamara Lichtenstein is a 20 year old Texas-based photographer that I recently discovered and absolutely love. Obnoxiously young and talented, her pictures and filled with the energy of the young subjects she photographs. They’re natural, sensual and full of life. Tamara shoots predominantly film, of her friends rather than models. Her friends just happen to be very good looking. Seeing her work made me think about what can be achieved using the old-fashioned way. Knowing that these photos are taken on film kind of makes them seem even more special, they’re beautiful, fleeting moments of someone’s life captured for a second.


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