My Nerdy Valentine

As a child reared on Disney films and fairy tales I developed some rather unrealistic romantic notions. I desperately wanted a card on Valentines’ day, and despite being painfully shy and looking rather like a cabbage patch kid I fancied my chances. Primary school is a cruel time for a vampire-toothed ginger so this notion was soon out-grown. After spending many of my teenage years complaining about this invented, commercialised holiday that makes single people feel lonely and miserable (not to mention heaping pressure on those who actually are in relationships), I find now I actually have someone in my life, I rather want to join in! I don’t want to go out to a restaurant, why should I have to book  to eat in a crowded restaurant where I’ll have to pay twice as much and wait twice as long for my food? Nah, I’m happy to stay in. Extravegant gestures are unnecessary, but I do like the cards. So my search is on to find an appropriate, possible nerdy or science-related card, for my beau. I found this one last year:

from Button Empire

I could post a bunch of zombie cards of the ‘I want your brains’ ilk here, but that feels a bit lazy. And I resent brains becoming a popular motif just because zombies are so ‘cool’ now. If anyone can locate a anatomically-accurate brain valentines card, perhaps one that makes reference to activation of the amygdala and dopamine levels, I will be most impressed. In the meantime, these cards from Nerdy Dirty could be in the running:

Boy previously got me one that said ‘I love you more than computer games’. But that was before Portal 2 was released.

A few more of note….

Bloody love this one from Southern Pest Prints

This is so naff, it’s gone back round to being good again.

Nice printing on this one


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