Gifts for Brain Enthusiasts #1

Scientists can be hard to shop for. It’s a profession that seems to attract rather obsessive characters with very little delineation between work and home-life. What do you get them for birthdays and Xmas, a subscription to Scientific American Mind? Is that too ‘pop science’? Here are a couple of thoughts and suggestions for a little something for the neurologist, psychologist, neuroscientist or otherwise all-round brain-prodder in your life.

‘Brain is for lovers’ t-shirt

As worn by Pharrell Williams, Kele from Bloc Party, and me. I found this top on ebay, I assumed it was a parody of those cheesy slogan-ed American state t-shirts, perhaps aimed at zombie fans. A quick google now suggests that this was a t-shirt put out by the band N*E*R*D. And that ‘brain’ is slang for oral sex. Who knew?

Brain Locket Necklace

Available here. A cute silver brain as seen from above clearly showing the two hemispheres. You can open it up and keep a picture of your sweetie (and their MRI scan) inside. It isn’t entirely anatomically correct, both halves of the locket are the same so there’s no brain stem. Also, for the untrained viewer it looks rather like a walnut or scrotum.

Toy Brain Cell and Nerve Cell


From the same guys who make the cute toy microbes.  Ok they’re not all that anatomically correct, but they’re furry and one of the nodes of ranvier looks like a little mouth, like the nerve cell is a bit alarmed. Probably as cuddly as the field gets.


To be continued…

4 thoughts on “Gifts for Brain Enthusiasts #1

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