Tell me now how should I feel?

I can’t do the topic of ‘Blue Monday’ justice, so instead I’m going to link to a couple of articles who do it much better

Dean Burnett in today’s Guardian and Ben Goldacre last year

In brief, ‘blue monday’, supposedly the most depressing day of the year, is a piece of rather bullshit psuedoscience masquearding as mentall-health-fact, mostly used to sell holidays and fill a few column inches. Yes, this time of year can be hard, it’s grey outside and people are broke after Xmas. But you have to question how helpful it is to label a particular day as being the ‘most depressing. Indeed, June 11th is supposedly the day with the highest number of suicides. Closely followed by Xmas and the day before Valentines. A few mental health charities have been using the #bluemonday theme in their media, with the best intentions, but is this one made-up ‘holiday’ we can just let go of? And enjoy this cover by Orgy of a great track…

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