I’m a bit uncertain of what to put in this entry, like the first page of a notebook, that I often like to leave blank. There’s a bit of a pressure, knowing where to start!

Well, I thought I’d start a blog to fit the things I can’t put into the character limit on twitter. 

One of my goals for the new year was to do more writing, and this seemed like a good place to start. I enjoy writing and for a while I considered a career in journalism. I decided to pursue a career in mental health but I still have a soft-spot for writing and do pieces from time to time for blogs and other publications. A blog is a little like a magazine of one, about one person, on the topic of them. I know I could make a more sucessful website if I stuck to one topic, but I don’t think I’d manage that. So the sort of things I’ll be writing about will mostly be:

– Mental health 

– Brains, neuroscience and psychology

– Sexuality & gender

– Other less coherent thoughts about things happening in the world

– Culture. Music, film, art and similar

– Fashion & style

– Photography

So mostly a mix of science and culture. Sometimes interlinked. Sometimes not so. Those are the things I get excited about. 

I write best about the things I know, so my content often comes from my own experiences, thoughts and opinions. It’s rarely all that objective, but I hope it’s at least honest and perhaps entertaining. Watch this space…

2 thoughts on “Beginnings

    • Haha, I forgot to mention that I had a personal blog on Diaryland for several years as a teenager, then a good 5 years on LJ, so I’ve done a lot of blogging over the years. This one will hopefully be less self-indulgent and miserable though. Maybe.

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