I’m in the process of updating this section with a more current list of my writing and experiences.

In brief, I’m a clinical psychologist but I’ve always enjoyed writing and journalism. As a child I played at creating my own newspaper and radio shows with friends, and began writing my own diary. As a teenager I was an avid reader of The Face and fascinated my articles I read about cut&paste zine culture. I wrote for my school newspaper, completed work experience at music magazines and began blogging online. At university I edited a society-based alternative music magazine, coordinating with promoters and record companies, coordinating a small team of writers and writing my own interviews and articles. I also wrote for a few other music related publications including Bubblegum Slut Magazine, God Is In The Tv and Screaming Tarts.

Following university I began building work experience towards becoming a clinical psychologist. In period I started writing about other topics beyond music and using platforms such as Twitter to engage in issues in health and psychology. I started blogging about. Range of topics, including mental health, professional issues, sexuality and gender identity, body image, neuropsychology and feminism. I continued to write about arts and culture and was a contributing writer for Style Noir as well as writing contributions for a couple of charity blogs.

I’ve since qualified and begun working as a clinical psychologist. Academically I’ve write a few pieces related to my professional interests and research (clinical neuropsychology, sexuality, service-user experiences, disability rights and related topics). At this point I am developing further academic pieces and projects whilst also putting together articles on culture, arts and feminism for more general interest blogs and magazines.

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